By Ty Coghlan

My First Blog!

Basically I'm making a little static website generator. It currently supports markdown to html, sass compilation, image resizing, and html/css minification. I do have some pictures I'd like to put up, but right now I'm working on automatically watermarking them before I do so.

The site is built in rust, and it's pretty impressive how much the ecosystem provided out of the box. The source code is here. I still want to finish optimizing the website generation, add some rich metadata so it does better in SEO and has nice preview images show up when shared, etc. etc. I'd also like to add some silly coffee related stuff to the website, maybe somehow link each blog to the coffee I consumed while writing it? Or a little coffee map of NYC? Who knows!

fn first_code_snippet() -> Result<()> {
  let mut website = Website::from("")?;
  loop {
      let cup_of_joe = Coffee::pour();
      let blog = Blog::from(cup_of_joe);